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Monday, April 20, 2015

Ann Miranda Does FHM Again of the Day

Ann Miranda reunites w FHM after her successful Hottie exposure w the following special set

Before you get carried away Ann didnt pull the pineapple out of her butt. nor is she about to shove it in. She's prolly only posing w it close to her booty cuz she knows you sicktards will imagine the rest you own dirty way.

See the rest THANKS RED LION. Jump

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jed Montero Opens Up Idol Hotness Week 3

See through top. Legs wide open. Ass on the floor. But no nipple, bush or dented buttocks to spot. Cuz this Idol thing is a little safe. Sexy but safe. Like dry humping w jeans on. Not only is it safe against unwanted pregnancy. its so safe its not so fun.

Though Jed Montero doing sexy poses is always fun. Somehow.

Its Week 3. Fun starts w the Larger Sizes Enhanced Picks. See them Hit the jump friends

Friday, April 17, 2015

Selena Gomez Super Swimsuit Moment of the Day

SUPER cuz like this SUPER HOTNESS VIXEN NUMBER everything is larger than life. Cuz I say so.

Don't look now but Selena Gomez is fast becoming Mexican with the Super Servings of TACOS and it shows.

Makes me like her more cuz I'm all for super size babes. Im weird that way.

See the rest of the bikini show Hit the jump fuckers

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jed Montero Idol Hotness Week 2

Been watching volleyball games w Jed Montero on youtube. when she bullets for a dive slamming and sliding her hot tight body rubbing sweat on the hardwood floor I feel a strong kind of erection. Though I felt the same kind of erection watching her serve. And also when she's just sitting on the bench. When she's calling her team mates together so they can show their behind to the crowd they disguise as a huddle. I think I had the erection even through the youtube Ads that came with the videos. But I think thats cuz Jed is sexy. And maybe cuz scums like me are always horny.

Jed Montero is the April FHM IDOL on Week 2 and she's boosting erection like a herbal health supplement. See the choice picks in enlarged sizes w or w/out the erection. Hit the jump friends

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jessica Alba Bikini Body 2015 of the Day

10 years ago and no babies yet that body was tighter. Something every adolescent masturbator masturbated on. Adults were no exception. Today theyre still solid. Cuz Jessica Alba works the fuck out. whats the point? nothing. This is just dirty talk cuz I know you fuckers like it when I talk dirty.

more pictures from Jessica's Caribbean Vacation jump girlfriends


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