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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cyen Lazam Couch Idol Online Hotness Week 4

They call this the Finale week. Week 4 of the Cyen Lazam Online Idol wc means this is the last time we WONT see the a cups Cyen doesnt want to show. The last week we'll be able to enjoy Cyen in panties and sometimes bra and panties.

It was not too exciting. But she's enlisted the help of the Casting Couch and maybe FIREWORKS are in the offing. Maybe not. but we have the Larger Sizes cuz panties are better seen in Larger Sizes.


Choice Picks of the Cyen Lazam Idol Hotness Week 4 hit the jump girlfriends

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Elsa Hosk Bare Tits For Sam Crawford of the Day

I've jerked off to a few Victoria's Secret Catalog and I tell you its as good as pouring out your feelings onto Playboy Magazine. Maybe better cuz the VS Models are not porn girls.

Here's Elsa Hosk for Photog Sam Crawford who prolly told her "find a way to show me your tits, bitch".

Jump bitches

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miranda Kerr Sexiness At Cannes of the Day

This is from Cannes. They have lots of parties there. Like this one by Magnum called the "PINK and BLACK Party" wc is not about Nipples but Miranda Kerr makes it about Cleavage.

Makes me wanna salute Bieber.

See the rest of Miranda Kerr's Cannes Cleavage festival hit the jump fuckers

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cyen Lazam Booty Hotness Week 3

Cyen Lazam on the 3rd week of the Idol series doesnt do anything naked. They dont go naked anymore. They never did w the Online Babe series. For so now Idol and all. But its sexy kind of Gravure for all its worth. I like this especially for the small ass. I'm weird that way.

We picked the best from the rest of the week 3 set. Also Larger Size and Enhanced them. THANKS RED LION!

See the picks. Small Ass and all. JUMP friends

Monday, May 11, 2015

Charli XCX See-Through Nipples of the Day

Its in shitty black and white but trust that those nipples are pink. if not they would have been photoshopped tinted pink cuz pink makes you wanna suck it. Brown? not so much. Here's entertainer Chali XCX entertaining w nipples

I dunno about you people but I'm tired of shitty see-through nipple revealing pictures. Its so early 2000s. They were a hit back in the 90s cuz the internet wasn't as pornographic as it is today. I think its time for some see-through vagina. Only Miley Cyrus gets it right.

Charli XCX and her see through nipples continue. Love the porn star name. Hit the JUMP fuckers


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